If your motorcycle is damaged due to an accident, or a component has failed or is broken, you'll need to have it repaired. We can assess any damage & decide on the best course of action. Anything from a stone through your oil cooler, to a bent frame. Simply call, send us an email or drop by our premises, so we can arrange to view your machine & provide you with an estimate of the costs involved. Insurance quotes can also be provided. Alternatively, you can contact us through our social media pages using the buttons below.

Minor Repairs

At some point or another, as with most mechanical things, many of us will experience some sort of a problem. If we are fortunate, these can be easily rectified. If not and the cause is a component that has failed or has suffered minor damage, it is often possible that a repair can be effected, rather than replacement being the only alternative. There are exceptions, however, such as safety critical components, ie structural damage to a part of the braking, steering, fuelling or suspension systems. In many cases, and this is certainly true of the older machines we deal with, a lot of parts need to be reconditioned as part of the repair process or re-fabricated, simply due to the fact that replacements are no longer obtainable. We are regularly faced with remedial repair work, so if you are having problems and you are not sure of the most cost effective way around them, please contact us and we can advise you as to the best course of action.

Major Repairs

Due to the severity of the damage, these types of repair are generally much more time consuming to complete. They can be broken down into two main categories, as set out below.

Catastrophic Component Failure

It's rare to see components fail unless the motorcycle has been subject to neglect, abuse or poor maintenance, or there is an inherit design flaw (though such failures are rare but on occasion can occur). A typical example would be a cam belt failure. The resulting damage to the top end of the engine can be extensive. Such repairs are time consuming and labour intensive, often requiring the engine to be completely dismantled. As one of the many services we offer, we conduct a lot of engine repairs, as well as repairs to frames, fuel tanks, bodywork, and electrical systems. If you are unsure as to whether your bike is repairable or not, then please call us, send us an email, or drop by our premises, so we can discuss your requirements. Naturally we cannot assess any damage effectively, or provide you with an idea of the costs involved, until we see your machine for ourselves.

Structural Failure

Depending on the severity of the damage and how it was caused, will often dictate whether a repair can be made or not. Other factors such as if it's cost effective or ultimately safe to do so, also need to be considered. Collision damaged vehicles are commonly when such failures arise. If your machine has been involved in an accident, we can quote for repairs, either for insurance purposes or if you are seeking an independent solution.